How it works page

How it works page



Browse and Be Dazzled. Our artists are carefully selected to ensure an extraordinary digital art catalog that is both distinct and diverse. From playful to profane and from serene to psychedelic, Likuid Art has it all – and our gallery is constantly expanding.

Curating Our Unique Digital Gallery.  Likuid Art works with both digital and traditional media artists. We exhibit original digital artworks, as well as pair premium graphic designers with traditional artists to collaborate and transform still media into engaging and animated digital pieces.




Register Your Personal Portfolio. Select one of three monthly subscription options to stream high definition artwork to any digital device. Each subscription provides access to a certain number of pieces per month that can be viewed as often as you like on your flat screen television, computer, tablet and phone.


Three Pricing Tiers.


Bronze $6.99/month

  • Select up to 4 Likuid Art pieces for your monthly collection

  • Craft unlimited playlists 


Silver $12.99/month

  • Select up to 8 Likuid Art pieces for your monthly collection

  • Craft unlimited playlists 


Gold $16.99/month

  • Select up to 12 Likuid Art pieces for your monthly collection

  • Craft unlimited playlists 


Streaming packages are for private use only. If you are interested in displaying Likuid Art in commercial properties that require unlimited streaming on multiple screens such as hotels, clubs and lounges, please contact




Handpick Your Collection. Preview Likuid Art’s entire gallery and select your favorites. Customize your own personal collection to immerse yourself in an evolutionary visual world of art – wherever and whenever you like.

Compose Your Wish List. Depending on your subscription tier, you will have access to 4, 8 or 12 art pieces per month. Once you have reached your monthly limit, prepare for next month’s playlist by clicking on the heart icon overlaying the image to easily mark your favorites.


Craft a New Playlist. Each month, as soon as your subscription renews, your account is reset and you are welcome to modify your playlist with as many works of art as your tier allows. Explore new pieces or simply stick with the ones you love.



Delight in the Stunning Experience. Anywhere. Anytime. Likuid Art can be enjoyed anywhere you are and anywhere you go – at anytime. Simply stream your selected playlist and transform your television, computer, tablet or phone screen into an electronic canvas.

Commercial Venues. From hotel lobbies to upscale lounges, Likuid Art can turn an ordinary wall into an extraordinary artistic display. Impress your patrons with a steady revolving stream of cutting edge animated art.

Private Homes. Dinner parties will never be the same. Nor will quiet Sunday afternoons or weekday evenings. Let Likuid Art transform your flat screen television or computer monitor into your own private art gallery.

On the Go. You don’t stay in one place, so why should your art collection? Stream Likuid Art onto your tablets and smartphones for a viewing experience that transcends time, place and space.