What is Likuid Art?

Likuid Art is an innovative subscription-based platform that hosts a constantly expanding catalog of original digital and live action art that can be played by anyone, anywhere, anytime.  It will revolutionize the way you see – and play – art.


How does Likuid Art work?

Please check out our “How It Works” page to learn how you can explore, subscribe, curate and enjoy Likuid Art.


Once I have selected the maximum number of Likuid Art pieces for my monthly collection, can I change them?

Depending on which pricing tier you purchased, you can select up to 4 (Bronze), 8 (Silver) or 12 (Gold) Likuid Art pieces that will remain in your collection for the remainder of the month.  After selecting the maximum number allotted, you can either upgrade your pricing tier to add new Likuid Art immediately or wait until the end of the month when your subscription renews to reset your collection. 


Can I upgrade my subscription at any time so that I can stream more Likuid Art pieces?

Yes!  You can upgrade your package to either Silver or Gold and immediately begin streaming new art at any time during the month.  The difference in price will be prorated for the rest of your monthly subscription period, and then you will be billed at the upgraded price on the same date each month thereafter.


How do I create playlists?

It’s easy!  Once you've added Likuid Art pieces to your Collection, simply click the playlist icon at the top of your DASHBOARD page, and then click the "+" sign in the top right of your PLAYLISTS page -- where you'll be prompted to create a new playlist.  You can also create playlists and add artwork to them directly from your Collection using the dropdown menus under each artwork.  You can create as many playlists as you like and edit them anytime.


Will Likuid Art keep track of my collections and playlists when my monthly portfolio renews?

Each month upon your subscription renewal, Likuid Art will send an email asking you to either “Keep Collection and Playlist” or “Delete Collection and Playlist and Start Over.”  


If you choose to keep your collection, it will remain the same – though you will be able to add new pieces if you have additional credits or decide to upgrade your package.  You'll also be able to keep your playlists from the previous month and edit them anytime.


If you choose to delete your collection, you’ll have the opportunity to craft an entirely new collection and related playlists.


Can I play Likuid Art on different devices at the same time?

Yes.  You can stream Likuid Art on your various devices simultaneously.


Some pieces in my collection play sound, but others do not.  Is something wrong?

Nothing’s wrong.  Certain Likuid Art pieces were created as both visual and audible works, whereas others are only visual – so enjoy pairing them with your favorite tunes!


I’ve noticed that some Likuid Art pieces feature the name of an artist “with” another artist.  Why is that?

All Likuid Art pieces are animated and digitized for streaming.  In some cases, a digital artist working alone will create a Likuid art piece from scratch on a computer.  In other cases, the Likuid Art piece derives from a traditional media work of art – either a painting or photograph – that a digital artist then animates.  


How often does Likuid Art add new artists?  New artwork?

Likuid Art is constantly expanding its roster of artists and their artwork.  So stay tuned and keep checking back for more!


I am an artist and would like my work featured on Likuid Art.  What should I do?

All of our artists – both traditional media and digital – are curated by the Likuid Art team to ensure a diverse gallery of the highest quality artwork.  If you are interested in being a featured artist, please email info@likuidart.com to tell us about your work and share your portfolio.  Thank you for your interest!