Paul Meraz "Krush" with Kris Widger

The "Tommy's" painting is Krush's vision of a Los Angeles landmark that has been part of the lives of generations of Angelenos. It was a piece in the historic April 2014 artshow "LAndmarked" -- a visionary look into classic sub-cultural locations in the Los Angeles area. These LAndmarks have served as a backdrop to millions of people and generations, and have played a role in Krush’s life, at some point or the other. 

“Driving around the city, I started noticing the changing commercial signage landscape, that is slowly starting to abandon the 20th century for the 21st. Focusing on classic spots from a fading century of signage, design and typography, I decided to document these locations that have memories in my mind from the past 30 years and reflect that nostalgic Los Angeles vibe."