Javiera Estrada

Javiera Estrada

Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico on Aug. 6., making her a Leo Rooster with a Scorpio Moon.  Javiera’s classical piano and violin training as a child influence her aesthetic through visual lyricism, and her vivid dream world shapes memories into reality, impacting her imagination and fate.


Javiera’s artistic exploration eventually led her to photography.  She was living in the Mayan village of Tulum, Mexico, when she decided -- with encouragement from Sheila Metzner –- to leave behind her hammock and seek out formal training at Santa Monica College, one of nation’s top photography programs.  As a student, Javiera received a merit-based grant and was honored with a coveted mentorship program given to just one student every three years.


Upon graduation, Javiera founded the artist collective Cathexis, which has produced numerous exhibits throughout Los Angeles.  Javiera has also exhibited in over 25 gallery shows, including the Silent Gallery, Shoshana Wayne Gallery and the Robert Berman Gallery. Recently Javiera exposed her work Salt + Sea at the Laemmle Theatres along with her experimental film.


A seeker of the spiritual nature of the inner terrain, Javiera believes that every piece of art created is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that nameless inner world.  Furthermore, her fascination with the timeless themes of life + death has led to the exploration of unmasking the layers between darkness and light.  Using photography as her visual journal, the sound of the camera's click is the confluence between reality and the ethereal.  


Javiera’s current body of work, IN THE BEDROOM, is an intimate perspective of the space between the subconscious dreamworld and fantasy.  Portrayed through the feminine archetype, IN THE BEDROOM is a kaleidoscopic explosion of color and imagination, interwoven and juxtaposed in the simplicity of skin and stillness of the environment.  


Javiera currently resides in Culver City, California with her dog-cat named LOVE.


Website: www.javieraestrada.com/

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