Anneliese Possberg

Anneliese Possberg

Anneliese Possberg has spent the last decade filming landscapes and wildlife. After producing and directing several short documentaries and stories with well-known travel magazines, she embarked on an ambitious full-length documentary about Antarctic wildlife.


Anneliese and her husband Claus travel as a photo and film team to haunt the special places of the world. On their motorbikes, they have traversed China's Wild West, climbed over Tibet's 5000m high passes, filmed down inside Indonesia's volcanoes and crossed the sandy deserts of Africa. Most recently, they filmed the incredible Aurora Borealis in the Arctic. The result is an impressive collection of spectacular pictures and film material.


Their dream is to learn extensively about the beauties of our world and, most of all, to bring them closer to other people by their films.


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