Andrea Fellers

Andrea Fellers

Andrea Fellers is an accomplished multi media artist, producer and director. A renowned painter, her art exhibits and sells worldwide, and collectors of her art include individuals in the film, finance, and technology industries. Andrea’s paintings have been featured in a myriad of galleries and institutions across the globe, and have been showcased along side Andy Warhol & Shepard Fairey, among others.


In addition to teaming up with Likuid Art, Andrea has recently founded NEWBORN SOUL ART, a division of her art that specializes in creating colorful high vibrational paintings for Newborn Babies. 


Andrea is also a prolific filmmaker and has generated an exemplary portfolio as a director and producer. Fellers’ feature film directorial debut The Truth About You is being likened to a contemporary pop culture Breakfast Club and can be seen on Amazon, MGO & iTunes.


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Andrea Fellers's Artworks